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You're welcome to participate in our Team Carpool

Parents and Rowers... 

If you would like to participate in the MBC Carpool and share the need to drive with other parents, please see the details below.  If you don't need a carpool for this season or have your own smaller group already formed then no need to read any further.  We use this Group Carpool App to allow all of us to 'self-organize' into carpools. 
If you are ready to sign up and don't need details on how it works click Here for Saturday's carpool  or click Here for Sunday's Carpool -- otherwise see below: 

If you are a Driver:
1) Select the car to ADD+  It's only necessary to enter the fields marked with a red *
2)  In the City field please enter your departing location as either from Potomac (you choose departure location) or Bladensburg (BWP) depending upon your intention.
3) Enter the date for this week's upcoming Saturday or Sunday only  (avoid future weekends) also enter the approx departing times considering ~half hour drive (8:30 am from CHS and/ or 11:30pm from BWP)
4) If you are driving both ways please ADD two car entries with departures from each location. 
5) You will receive an email alert as people join your car. Once your car is full the car turns gray.  You can always edit your entry using the 'details' under your name as needed.

If you are a Rider choose either below:
1) If a car is available select a car to JOIN and enter at least your name & email  ... Otherwise ...
2) Select +JOIN WAITLIST  and enter your name & email and ALSO enter the time or state which direction (to/from) a ride is needed for in the Notes section to help us determine how many more drivers are needed for which leg.

Please note:

  • The expectation for parents is that if you participate in the carpool you will drive at least 3 times during the season to be fair to all parents.
  • If you are on the wait list please check back periodically. The carpool admin may move your rower to a car once available.  An email notification is sent to wait-listers when they are added to a car.  You can 'drag' the rider's name from the wait-list to an available car any time one becomes available.
  • Select the "next available seat" in the most full car - meaning we want to fill up each car in order to avoid being spread out across cars with empty seats in each.  If we end up having more drivers than needed the admin may merge riders to fill cars.  Those not having to drive that day will be notified ahead of time. 
  • The site will be monitored regularly by the admin and as cars/riders are added the admin will edit and track for any increase or decrease in the necessary number of drivers to inform the driver(s) as needed.

    ** If you're now ready to drive or ride then please click here for Saturday Carpool and click here for Sunday carpool. **

Each Sunday the admin will remove all entries for the past Saturday and it will then be available to sign up for the next Saturday practice.
Any questions or concerns contact our carpool admin.